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"It's such a fine line between Stupid and Clever"

Fender Walsh has played in many bands over the years beginning in the 70's with the 'The Cheap Trick Cars'. While a member of the group he developed his own scale of music now known as Fender's Nickelodean Scale. This musical scale is so complex and stupid that it is only taught under the direction of Tibetin monks. Monks who play guitar of course..

Fender's last band was the 80's techno supergroup
'Flock of Chickens', or F.O.C,
which toured extensively by bus between America and Europe. When asked why the band doesn't use a plane for the tour, Fender simply replied:
"The Chickens don't fly".
Unfortunately this policy didn't help to alter the untimely demise of the band on Feb 31, 1994.

While filming the Rockumentary, 'This is Flock of Chickens' the entire band was unexpectedly struck down by a speeding street sweeper. After extensive reconstuctive surgery and hair loss, Fender has now emerged out of his F.O.C. shell as a Marsha Boy. The only remaining disability seems to be his lack of knowing where the band is from.


My amps go to Eleven!


F.O.C. live at the Enormodome Feb. 30, 1994


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