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Marsha Marsha Marsha
Keith Van Whiten


"Just call me Joan, finally!"


Fender Walsh
Diamond Dave
Dave-E Jones
Marty Fufkin
Keith Van Whiten

After years of secret surgery and hormonal therapy, the tranformation is complete! Keith has now officially broken down the closet door to become Joan Van Whiten. He, she is now gainfully employed in New Orleans at the She-Man He-Ra Club on Burbon Street as an exotic dancer.
Keith states "My life is now fufilled".
The band had always wondered why Keith had never had a girlfriend but apparently did employ a "token fiance`" for some period of time. Joan states "this was done to keep up the Rock and Roll image".
We at Marsha 3 wish Keith, (oops, we mean Joan), all the best in his, (crap, we mean her), new life and hope he has plentiful dollar bills in her G-String!

Joan in action. You go girl!