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Marsha Marsha Marsha


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Dave-E Jones


Bass and Vocals

"So.... How do you like me now?"

Dave-E provides the Marsha boys with huge, thunderous, enormous bottom...And he plays bass pretty well too!

The following is an exerpt from Dave-E's 1999 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and Hustler:

"I started playing during the 'Summer of Love', back when being the Bass Player meant you weren't good enough to be the guitarist in a band.
Well, times have changed ....
Bass rules and I can kick most guitar player's butts. I kick so much ass, I dont have time to take names! Give me the Bass and I'll go all the way for you, as deep as you can stand it baby!"

Check out a Marsha Marsha Marsha to see and hear the bottom that keeps shaking all night long and keeps the women comming for more!


"I have the biggest.....
speaker in town!"


Dave-E back in the Summer of Love,
with his band:

The Electric Bannanas


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